Wednesday, January 10, 2018

FA Cup Shocks Special

Happy New Year.

Following the weekend's FA Cup shocks of Forest beating Arsenal and Coventry defeating Stoke, the History of Goal Nets kicks off 2018 with a glance back at FA Cup shocks of the past, and the terrific goal nets architecture that hosted the matches.

Sutton United v Coventry City 1987

Great white saggy nets, Chelsea-style crooked A-frames. Two goals from corners.

Wrexham v Arsenal 1992

Strict triangular Continental D's as per the early 1990's fashion at the old Racecourse Ground (and check out David Seaman being beaten on his post by Mickey Thomas' free-kick.)

Manchester United v Southampton 1976

The grandfather of upsets and the grandmother of old goal nets. Always - always - loved the way Bobby Stokes shot rebounded off the old Wembley stanchion...

Friday, December 22, 2017

My Top 3 - Offis Munkeh

My Top 3 is a series where community members name their Top 3 goal nets of all time. As we are going offline for the festive season, this week's My Top 3 will be the last of 2017 and that honour goes to Martin @ Offis Munkeh.

Here, in his own words, is Offis Munkeh's Top 3.

Argentina 1978

My favourite goal nets, the L-frame goals with the black 'arm-bands.' The way Mario Kempes' first goal in the final (at 1:55 in the video below) comes back off the net in the final is mesmerising; the nets seem to know how far to return the ball without being rude.

Zico loved the goal nets so much he threw himself into them after the Brazil / Sweden match!

When I was a kid, I tried to create these goals with one of my Subbuteo goals and a black marker pen. It didn't end well!


The classic curved A-frame, you could put the old Wembley goal nets in any place and situation in the world and you'd immediately know what they were.

All the most memorable FA Cup goals involve this hardware. In fact, the only FA Cup final moment I can remember post-1996 is Alan Pardew dancing, and that's not a good thing.

New Lodge, Billericay Town

A biased choice, I've been admiring the Billericay Town A-frame goals for more than 30 years; in fact I've painted the A-frames and even scored a couple of goals in them!

The A-frame goals lasted until this season when they were changed to box nets as part of the ground redevelopment. An endangered species lost another member.

The football may not always have been pretty but the goal nets certainly were. (Warning: the video below contains choice language and the appearance of a box goal net around the 1:31spot).

Maybe a unique part of the goal nets is how they frame the slope at New Town. With the sloping pitch, even at lo-resolution in the photo below you can see the advertising hoardings slope at one angle, the goal posts slope at a slightly lesser angle but the stand behind the goals slopes at yet another angle!

Thanks for your Top 3 Offis Munkeh - a sensational grouping of goal nets to finish the year.

Wishing all community members a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

See you in 2018