Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hot Tub Time Machine - Brighton and Hove Albion FC

Tracing the Seagulls recent history of goalnets is like jumping into the same Hot Tub Time Machine as Liverpool, Everton, Manchester United and so many others.

In 2012 they're scoring against Chelsea into an identkit set of box goal nets at the Amex.

But jump in the Hot Tub Time Machine and in 1997 we see Stuart Storer lashing the last ever goal at the Goldstone ground into a set of Continental D's

In 1982 we see Jimmy Case and Andy Ritchie scoring into a classy set of hybrids (probably inspired by the goalnets at the World Cup in Spain the previous summer)

Then, climbing out the Hot Tub Time Machine in 80/81, Michael Robinson scores against Liverpool into a magnificent set of A-frames.

Digging the totally awesome goalnets from the past, does anybody honestly want to come back to 2012?

Does anyone want to be the Hero?

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