Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Goalnets and FIFA's Stadium Book

In a previous post it was shown that, while FIFA's The Laws of the Game ran to some 142 pages, goalnets merited only 26 words.

Article 7 (on page 3) of UEFA's Stadium Infrastructure Regulations adds 8 words more:

d) they (the goals) must not pose any danger to players

Which got us wondering - which feature of goalposts and crossbars could possibly "pose any danger to players"?

FIFA's Stadium Book is the bible on the technical recommendations and requirements for stadium design.

On page 67 it recommends this method for suspending the goalnets:

And on the next page, under "Dangers and obstructions", FIFA adds 31 words to the lexicon of goalnet rules and details what it considers a danger to players:

Goal nets should not be suspended by any kind of metal frame or "elbow" but should be suspended by the method illustrated (see diagram above), as this does not constitute a danger to players.

So there it is in black and white - according to FIFA the stanchions (metal frames), Continental D's and L-supports (elbows), all the diversity we celebrate here, are a danger to players.



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