Sunday, November 18, 2012

A-list A-frames - Bradford City AFC

A football ground in one guise or another has stood on the Valley Parade site since 1886, a long history sadly distilled for many into the 10 minutes it took to burn down live on TV in 1985.

Ten years earlier in the old ground's history, Bradford were shooting into a classic set of no-nonsense A-frames.

Despite renovations to the stadium as late as 2001, the Bantams have resisted the homogenous urge for box nets and kept faith with a set of stylish Continental D's (that bear a resemblance to those once at Newcastle).


  1. I don't think there would actually be room for a box net behind our goals, hence why we have stuck with the current ones.

  2. Hi Michael, we'd prefer to think of Bradford's choice of goal nets as more heroic than that. Elsewhere on the site you'll read that FIFA consider "elbows" or stanchions as unsafe to the players so "prefer" - read dictate - that the homogenous free-hanging box nets are installed, and leagues throughout the world have meekly complied. Are there any other League Two sides with nets that aren't box nets?

    1. Hi Tony, other grounds in the Football League which still use the Continental D include, York City, Cheltenham Town, Scunthorpe United, Walsall, Barnet, and Leyton Orient. There are plenty of others in the Conference too.

  3. Hi James, thanks for your valuable input. We've posted on Scunthorpe United in the past, but we'll have a look at those you suggest, plus the Conference. Here's to diversity in the lower leagues!

  4. Hi Tony, Can I recommend that you particularly look at York City? They had an interesting set of A-Frames up until the late 90s.

    Can I also recommend 3 Scottish Clubs? Stenhousemuir, Alloa, and Airdrie have all recently reverted from the Box-net to the Continental D.

  5. Hi James, thanks for the heads-up re York City. Are those skinny A-frames of the Eredivisie variety? They're most refreshing to see in that late-90's rush to homogeny. We'll look out for the 3 Scottish clubs and their Continental D's in the New Year.

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    All the best for the New Year.