Friday, February 8, 2013

International Week Special - Romania v Australia

Far from this International friendly week's glittering fixtures of France v Germany, or England v Brazil, Romania beat Australia 3-2 in front of a couple of thousand spectators at Malaga Athletics stadium. What made the game so noteworthy was the goal nets - suspended from Continental D's.

Though FC Malaga train at the facility, the Atheltics stadium is obviously not a football stadium, hence the temporary all-in-one goal units that can be carried on and off the field as required. But all-in-one goal units are widely available in boxnet form. Did you see the recent footage of the goals in Brazil collapsing after a defender crashed into the net? When the defender pulls on the net, the whole goal collapses since the posts, bar, net, supports and ground support are all one entity.

So what's interesting about the goals in Wednesday's friendly international is Malaga's stadium management have a choice of which goals to use, and FIFA's Stadium Book is clear FIFA prefers boxnets, yet here are Romania and Australia, two international sides, shooting into a set of Continental D's?

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