Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Queens Park Rangers FC

For those whom the 1970's were the apogee of hardware design, Gerry Francis' goal from 1975 and the ball-against-the-wall-in-training aesthetic of the ball hitting the Loftus Road nets says everything you need to know about QPR at that time.

But like their partners in ball-retention-crime West Ham Utd, if you look back far enough you discover the R's have a rich history of goal nets.

During the time of the Model T and "any colour as long as it's black," the Loftus Road hardware and software was very much in fashion for their time.

There were A-list A-frames in 1967.

By 1969, QPR replaced the A-frames with the 70's classics.

The 1970's were dumped in 1983 for trendy Continental D's, which stayed in place through the 1990's.

This haunting video gives one last glimpse of the old Gerry Francis stanchions in 1979.

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