Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Celtic Park - Nastassja Kinski

Glamorous and exotic in that European kinda way but through the fog of alcohol fumes and the stench of chips grease you sensed a dark tale of struggle and pale bare legs on a cold winter's night.

The Continental D supports erected at Parkhead in the early 1970's speak of the club's glory days, of the second half of 9-in-a-row and the time the club from the poorest suburb in Europe made such stats a nonsense by appearing in 5 European Cup semi-finals in 8 years.

The big nights in Europe continued till about 1980 -

when common sense re-cohered and, as the glory faded the old D supports were supplanted in 1990 with a bland new set that made cutting the grass easier. The D's were consigned to history altogether - along with the high of the glory days and the biggest of European nights - when the new Celtic Park was built in the 1990's, complete with trendy box-nets.

Whisper it - one of my favourite goals scored in the old nets was this one -

What's yours?

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