Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wembley - Cameron Diaz

When the English FA were considering designs for the new Wembley Stadium, it was considered imperative that the famous old Twin Towers be somehow incorporated into the drawings. When it was decided the towers would not be part of the new stadium, there was a public outcry. How could these world football landmarks be scrapped?

Yet the irony of the twin-towers-as-landmarks idea was that for most people round the world who watched the famous matches from Wembley on TV, the landmarks of the old stadium weren't the towers. But for a brief tracking shot at the beginning of the game, the towers were mostly hidden from the view of those who hadn't walked up Wembley Way to watch it. Yet those millions watching on TV knew instantly they were watching a match at Wembley.

How? The goalnets.

Supported and shaped by stanchions so curvaceous and sexy that if they were legs they'd be attached to Cameron Diaz they were the bees-knees of goalnets.

They were removed silently one summer's night in 1996, some time between Eric Cantona's last minute cup final goal and the beginning of the Euro '96 tournament, 28 days later. There was no public outcry.

They were much loved. They are sorely missed.

Who scored your favourite goal in the old Cameron Diaz's?

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