Sunday, May 30, 2010

World Cup 2010 - such a shame

South Africa beat Colombia at Soccer City and we got first look at what the World Cup goalnets will look like -

World Cups used to be about innovation, in tactics, strips and goalnets. Even the free-hanging boxnet was an innovation in its day. But that was 36 years ago. One can only mourn South Africa's spurning the opportunity to set a new trend in on-field architecture, such a shame.

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  1. Hey!

    I'm chuffed to have come across a site like this, I've always been a bit of a goal net fetishist as well, I thought I was alone!

    For some years I really liked the generic "box nets" that have taken over almost every ground, I did (and stll do to be honest, seen as Ive not had the chance) really want to take some pot shots into some of this type of netting but now they're too commonplace, individual types of goal net are yet another feature of the "old" game of football lost to history.

    Hope you keep this site up and running, seems to have been a while since your last post. I'm on the lookout for different types of goal netting - watching programs like The Championship sometimes gives you chance to see one or two unusual onion bags!

    Meanwhile as a side point, I'm a Bolton fan, looks like we've adopted totally blue netting for the coming season - it looks like Subbuteo!