Sunday, June 24, 2012

UEFA European Championships - France 1984

1984 was Michele Platini's tournament, scoring nine goals in four of the seven host stadia:


Saint Etienne

In the Final, against Spain in Paris

And most famously in the last minute of extra time in the semi final against Portugal in Marseille

The goal nets at each of the seven stadia were uniformly coloured - mostly black - and free-hanging and were the classically French - the same style can be seen at the inaugural Championship 24 years earlier.

As part of the McDonaldization of the game at the 1986 World Cup, FIFA decided goal nets everywhere would look the same so today, the goal nets at France 1984 are a period piece, the last time you could watch a game at a major Championship and pick where the game was being played by the design of the nets.

 One last look at those in Lyon...

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