Monday, July 23, 2012

Brazil - Associação Olímpica de Itabaiana

On our Youtube travels round Brazil we came across Itabaiana, a Serie D side from Sergipe with the most amazing stanchions you'll see anywhere in 2012.

Viewing the goals at the Estádio Presidente Emílio Garrastazu Médici we were inspired to re-post Grand Designs from October 2010, which re-stated the premise of this blog and celebrated the diversity and beauty so evident at Itabaiana.

Grand Designs  

When we started this blog, we began by writing about what a stadium's goalnets said about the character of that stadium or its home club (eg Arsenal) or what part the goalnets played in the club's history (eg Manchester United). We also ran a series on the World Cups, demonstrating how the evolution of goalnet fashion and technology has been every bit as interesting as tactics, or rules (or strips).

More recently we've simply celebrated great goalnets, by which we hope to remind readers that goal design doesn't happen by accident. Somebody somewhere - either within the club or, if the posts, stanchions and nets are bought 'off the shelf,' at the manufacturers - designed the architecture. Did a drawing. Turned the drawing into reality. Ensured reality entered history.

Such great designs didn't just follow what went before, nor were they obviously fashionable at the time. But in the second decade of the new century, when everybody's got box goalnets and everything looks the same, we'd like readers to remember that football can look different to how it looks today, and difference can be beauty in itself.

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